Pigment Powder Kits
Pigment Powder Kits
For Orcheer, Pigment Powder Kits is an innovative custom made business we offer our customers.

Our advantages :
1. As a professional effect pigment manufacturer, our pigment powders cover pearlescent pigment powder, chameleon pigment powder, glitter powder, luminous glow in the dark powder, Fluoresent Neon powder, Holographic pigment powder, 3D/9D magnetic cat eyes pigment powder and so on. Thousands of colors, patterns and luster effects can be provided. The quality is stable and controllable, and the inventory is sufficient. Our customers can choose the types and colors freely and flexibly, to create their favorite pigment powder kits.
2. Orcheer provides customers with professional technical guidance, sales service, and packaging design teams. Pigment powder has a wide range of uses. As a finished good face to ternimal consumers, pigment kits are most popular in application fields such as epoxy resin pigment powder, hand soap pigment, candle pigment, children slime pigment, bath bomb colorant, painting pigment, eye shadow shimmer powder, nail polish pigment, metallic pigment etc. Orcheer will provide professional suggestion and assistance in color selection, packaging design, safe delivery, etc., in combination with customers' market preferences, cost control, application fields and other factors, strive to provide our customers with an easier and more secure purchasing experience; The best-selling, brand-friendly premium pigment powder kit.